Hour 1 
Dec 7, 2017… another day that will go down in infamy… The left is owning the moral high ground; that’s what happens when you abandon principles…it’s not 1965 anymore? …Is the media trying to be more ‘credible’ and more fact-driven? …getting back to principles …’Al Franken Democrats’ are changing the party…6th accuser comes forward …Update: Bitcoin just hit 15K…new futures market coming for Bitcoin…Glenn will explain…Flashback to 2016: ‘Family Guy’ episode predicted Bitcoin …Throwing the Clintons ‘under the bus’ will soon be a sporting event for the Democrat Party??…Character will matter again…their ‘Tea Party’ is rising to crush the old establishment …Glenn’s Future Markets of Dirt Bags?…Grandpa Joe leads the pack? 
Hour 2
Glenn was wrong about this one?…President Trump hits it out of the park…high praise for US Embassy move …Book: ‘Hitler’s American Model’ with author James Q. Whitman…the making of the Nazi Race Law and the United States…new exposure to the Nuremberg Laws?…The days of George Bernard Shaw…We must learn our history …Guess who’s having a really good day today? …Heads are spinning over Bitcoin… remember ‘pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered’ …Bitcoin is larger than Home Depot??…Don’t dump ‘a lot’ of money in it …
Hour 3
More tech for the kids…Facebook releases a Messenger app for kids as young as 6…what the heck do 6-year-olds need to message each other about??…hooking them for the long term…algorithms and your children..,Warning: YouTube Kids app is under fire…beware of disturbing content disguised as your kid’s favorite show…Television has become sort of a ‘safe space’…kids are not watching TV anymore …It’s the 1960’s all over again? …Al Franken officially resigns …Piña coladas and safe sex??
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BitConnect Investment Opportunity

Investing in BitConnect Coin and Staking

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