As a Republic Struggles to Be Born, Barcelona Holds Its Breath
We don’t know exactly how the Spanish government will react.” Mar Sanfeliu, a 51-year-old economist, had a fair idea — and one
that made her fearful, even as she smiled about the declaration of the new republic.
“It’s a mixed feeling.” There were a few crucibles of emotion, in particular inside the Catalan Parliament, where the independence decision was made —
and in the street outside, where a few thousand independence supporters gathered in expectation of a celebration.
It was a reminder, Ms. Zaragoza suggested, of the authoritarian measures that the Spanish government had said it would take to crush the new republic.
For Mr. Segura, the mixed reaction was also because of the acknowledgment, even among separatists, that many Catalans still do not want independence.
Sanfeliu said that will do whatever it can

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