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In the latest installment of Make America Wacky Again, President Trump on Friday tweet-dumped on liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, the 60-year-old progressive from San Francisco who recently launched his own campaign to impeach the president.Did you catch that last part of the tweet? Apparently upset that Steyer had run an impeachment ad on “Fox and Friends” Friday morning, which is a bit like walking into the White House with a bullhorn shouting “Impeach Trump!,” the president said Steyer “never wins elections!”Trump had reason to be miffed: Steyer had brought his national campaign into the middle of Trump’s favorite morning news show, calling the president a “clear and present danger” who is mentally unstable and needs to be stopped and urging citizens to contact their representatives and support impeachment.So, is Trump right? Is Steyer “a loser?” Here’s some things to know. Depends how you define ‘loser:”After pledging to spend $50 million defeating climate change deniers in the 2014 fall elections, Steyer went after Florida Republican Gov.Rick Scott, whose record was called “an environmental disaster” in a Tampa Bay Times editorial.Scott’s job approval ratings were dismal even before his reelection campaign began, and Democratic challenger Charlie Crist brought strong environmental credentials to the race.So what happened? Scott won. In 2008, Steyer became one of Barack Obama’s most faithful fundraiser, pulling together $50,000 from his friends that helped put his candidate in the White House.In 2004, Steyer raised significant funds for John Kerry’s run for the White House.Oh well. In 1977, Steyer volunteered for Mario Cuomo’s bid to become mayor of New York City.But after his staunch opposition to the death penalty backfired amongst crime-weary New Yorkers, Steyer’s guy was defeated by Ed Koch who won almost 50 percent of the votes while Cuomo received only 40.97 percent.He raised money for Bill Bradley 2000 presidential run, but his candidate failed to get Democratic Party’s nomination.After lobbying then-President Obama to block the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, Steyer finally saw his wish come true: in late 2015, Obama accepted the recommendation of his Secretary of State John Kerry, who believed the project was not in the country’s national security interest, and rejected it.Days after taking office, President Trump signed an executive order to advance construction of the fiercely disputed pipeline, giving a green light to TransCanada to proceed with their project.Lobbying for years against the Keystone Pipeline, Steyer looked a bit like a loser earlier this year when President Trump signed an executive order approving the project.But more recently the project appears remains in limbo and the CEO of its builder, TransCanada, said in an earnings call that pretty much admitted the project may never happen.So we’ll see . Steyer is rumored to be interested in challenging Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) for her Senate seat next fall.


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