The Trump administration has not exactly been the picture of consistency when it comes to policy matters, but it was still more than a little surprising that it let a report on climate change conducted by 13 federal agencies see the light of day last week. The report, mandated by Congress although its release could have been prevented by the White House, concludes, not surprisingly, that our emissions of greenhouse gases are primarily responsible for the planet’s warming temperatures and increasingly extreme weather. That’s not really news. What’s ironic is that the report’s conclusion differs sharply from the views of Trump and his team.

The EPA administrator has stated that carbon dioxide is not a large contributor to global warming, although it is the largest by far. The secretary of energy has said the science is still out on human contributions to global warming, although it’s anything but; nearly 100 percent of the world’s climatologists share the view stated in this new report. And Trump himself has called global warming a Chinese hoax. The head of the National Economic Council could have blocked the report; the president himself was reportedly unaware of its existence.

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