– South African activist Kumi Naidoo joins us at COP23 to discuss the U.S. presence at this year’s U.N. climate summit. “The U.N. …


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JonBownePolitix · November 15, 2017 at 4:51 pm

Let's pander to Palestine instead! YAY! Or let's pander to South Africa while they kill the Boer Farmers. How about the we dissolve the UN.

Andy Gomez · November 15, 2017 at 4:51 pm

Give Al Gore money.

letsgetsocialinfo · November 15, 2017 at 4:51 pm


Accord DeParis · November 15, 2017 at 4:51 pm

Dear Kumi; While I feel your pain and don't doubt your predictions of widespread death and destruction of Africa and climate impacts on poorer societies in general the term "Apartheid" is inaccurate and should simply be "Apocalypse", for it won't be long, barely a year or 2 at most, when wide spread devastating effects will impact billions of people of all cultures and industrialized status and nation states. Given existing data and 2017 record breaking hurricanes, floods, droughts, wild fires and mass migration, as well as an ice free arctic which guarantees a VERY RAPID end game, anyone, anywhere on earth supporting any fossil fuels at this point is a suicidal idiot, far worse than NAZIs or KKK who just want to kill people of color (and Jews) rather fossil fuel proponents want to kill us all if that's what's required to turn a profit. They wage inhumane wars to steal oil and frack wells destroying domestic water supplies without a care. What other evidence is required that they're blatant sociopaths far worse than any NAZI who ever lived and like active NAZIs should all be hung or shot on sight? When all fuels are zero emission both transportation and power generation are zero emission save cement production, and even AG can use zero E fuels. Remember a healthy earth can and does absorb large amounts of CO2, but we need to both slash our emissions and sequester enormous amounts already in the atmosphere while also geo-engineering solar radiation reduction to trim surface and ocean temps, as well as pull carbonic acid from the ocean…a huge suite of tasks we won't do in time to dodge extinction of all life including humans in under a decade per and arguing about which emission to slash first is like debating which fire extinguisher to use to put out a theater fire where everyone is already guaranteed to die unless we open the back door which is apparently locked from the outside by an oil and gas company truck parked against the door. That just about sums up life on earth today. Michael Mann's analysis while brilliant on the one hand, falls far short of real world events playing out in real time. As explained at and and a dozen other sites with data and models that match realtime events, all life including humans will be extinct in under a decade, perhaps just 2-5 years. Mann's shoddy research and cute book with cartoons erroneously led him to state Guy McPherson said that; no, I did and have far more data than either Mann or McPherson, though McPherson's depth of analysis and background was certainly rich enough for his predictions to accurately play out, as they are doing today, while Mann's predictions are lethargic, inaccurate, near useless and obsolete, if not patently dangerous as expected. The extinction schedule, though vague, is likely to contain a series of predictable events, many acting either like dominos (bad) or positive feedbacks (worse). First and primary over-reaching global event; if 7.5 billion humans expire over 10 years that's 7.5B ÷ 10 or 750M / year avg. We can look at 2017 mortality and see Mother Nature is behind schedule and will have to catch up and exceed the avg. for a period, creating a skewed bell curve where the longer it takes to reach that level the more people die in a given year. The rate will be influenced by the specific series of catastrophes in any given year. I.e. if crop failure drives the bulk of mortality then those with money or near grain/canned stores may survive longer than those without. If temp is the primary driving factor then those nearer the equator will likely expire earlier. If a collapse of civilization and transport systems along with crops accelerates, then rural ag based communities may outlast metro centers. We saw this trend during financial crashes where communities with less dependence on industrialized civilization typically fare better, often through new trade mechanisms such as barter or Guy's gift economy. If a rapid rise in sea level does in fact trigger multiple nuclear facilities failing at once then the radioactive ionizing gas can wipe out a huge percentage of humans and all higher life forms not unlike a global bug bomb…very fast…and the bell curve will have a huge spike far above the avg. So, WHICH event causes the most deaths defines the rate at any given time, while the event sequence helps predict downstream events. Given a rapid rise in temperature from an ice free arctic and increasing methane emissions has a high probability of preceding crop failures and nuclear disasters due to abrupt ice melt. However, ice melt isn't the only way to lose control/safe operation of nuclear plants. Civil unrest or another collapse of transport or vendor supply lines over a 1-12 month period would put the nuclear sector into a dysfunctional panic mode where few experienced workers would report for duty knowing a plant had multiple failures already in progress. Then there are plankton/oxygen levels already taking a hit and an anaerobic ocean could take out coastal communities rather quickly while increased wild fire activity took out preppers in forested areas and heat took out desert dwellers who had no a.c. while jungle dwellers in tropics died due to high humidity plus temps. Regardless of what kicks off first the next likely domino will be diseases relating to a mass die off, sure to fuel higher mortalities of anyone near heavily impacted regions. Then there are deaths due to civil unrest; another likely driver once any nominal population in metro centers experiences stress. This could again trigger a breakdown in labor and supply lines leading to food shortages and nuclear disasters as well as overwhelming hospitals and mortuaries before a total collapse of food supplies takes place. For my money those as far away from the equator, nuclear plants and civilization in general, with some basic AG capacity are likely to be the last to go. However, knowing earth may have flipped/changed rotational axis, but unsure what drove that event means potentially cold Antarctica might end up tropical sooner than expected. Its sort of like being a bug in a shaking box with sticky sides and hoping you get out the tiny hole before getting pinned down inside; a real crap shoot. Then there's the aftermath party or being alive when 7B are gone and knowing your time may be very limited; perhaps days or hours if driven by radiation events, perhaps years if you found a cool enough place to grow some crops and perhaps longer if somehow you survive ice free poles and rain/weather somehow dilutes all that radiation without taking you out. If you don't mind 3 eye fish and much higher risks for cancer or radiation driven auto-immune deficiencies maybe your clan lasts another 50-500 years or more, however as Guy and others suggest a world at 50C is not likely to support anything we're used to and we don't have that much fuel for AC to last 50 years and till fields of some mutant crop that grows at that temperature. Therefore life on earth after 7.4B people expire is truly an end game nightmare prospect that would drive almost anyone to drinking. I think the ice melt will accelerate fast enough to both wipe out coastal metro centers before a complete collapse which will send civilization into a state of dysfunctional panic while nuclear plants begin to fail. The good news is you can probably stock up on plenty of tequila or bud to outlast your own clan's needs at that point. The bad news is, given eratic weather/jet streams, your time may be very short no matter where you try to hide…and you'll probably be really sick of canned tuna and Dinty Moore stew if you stored 3 years of crappy canned food as I have. Gonna guess we'll have the answer before this time next year and the implosion will have begun in earnest. 2017 disasters were just the cartoon before the movie. Kiss MIAMI, DC, NYC SF, LA, SD, SEATTLE, HK, LONDON, SYDNEY…many places…gbye.

letsgetsocialinfo · November 15, 2017 at 4:51 pm

What time is running out, sounds like a scare tactic…follow the money AL gore is a billionaire climate opportunist. ..

ElectricCult · November 15, 2017 at 4:51 pm

You can feel a sincere soul in this man…we need to abandon liars and listen to truth.

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