On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, China is threatening Apple because the laws are unstable in autocracies. China wants Apple’s technology and products and Apple is stuck because they sold out. China is our enemy and are trying to become the world’s #1 superpower and they steal our technology to do so. Also, you have to wonder with all that President Trump has to worry about when dealing with Iran, North Korea, China, Russia and Turkey – does the media and Democrats really care about this country with their outrageous attacks on him? Trump has been stronger on national security than any President since Ronald Reagan and he trying to keep us safe even with the attacks on him. Later, Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband continue to deny any conflicts of interest with China despite mounting scrutiny over her husband’s investments for more than 20 years. Has Feinstein ever recused herself from any issues related to China like Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself from Russia? She should be banned from any committee she sits on – she’s a danger. Finally, Laura Ingraham seems to be a punching bag for the left and the media. Efforts by the left to paint her as something she is not is an old Soviet trick.

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