Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren was found giving a long and evasive answer to a question about fossil fuel donations. Warren was asked this question by a Huffington Post reporter while giving a speech at the National Press Club on Tuesday while presenting her legislation that will ban members from the White House and Congress owning individual stocks. Warren hopes that this will decrease personally motivated conflict between lawmakers. However, when questioned by the HuffPo reporter asked her about a decision made by DNC Chairman Tom Perez to once again allow fossil fuel-related PAC donations, Warren was a bit fuzzy on the details of how it fits with her new plan. “I want to see everybody abide by the same set of rules. I want to see everyone who’s running for federal office disclose their taxes. I want to see everyone who’s in federal office make those same disclosures and get rid of any individual stock so they can’t trade in them,” Warren said. I want to see lobbyist banned from making any contributions. “And that’s true whether we’re talking Democrats or Republicans. Whether we’re talking the House or the Senate or the White Hosue, and one these larger proposals, including the regulatory agencies in the cabinet department. “So for me, this is about changing all the rules . . . everyone needs to abide by the same set of rules.” Jason Hopkins of the Daily Caller News Foundation breaks down why this is such an important issue: “The hubbub centers around the DNC’s flip-flop on campaign donations originating from fossil fuel companies. National Democrats, as part of their climate change agenda, have become increasingly antagonist toward businesses that produce greenhouse gas emissions. In a sweeping move to quantify their stance, executive members of the DNC unanimously voted in June to ban any contributions from corporate political action committees related to the oil, coal and gas industries. The vote attracted wide adulation from environmental activists and appea…
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