On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the Supreme Court is another institution that the Left wants to burn down. Now they are already talking about impeaching Brett Kavanaugh is he gets confirmed. This constant use of impeachment destroys the American political system. What’s going on here, is that Republicans are not allowed to win elections. The left wants to disenfranchise you. They want complete monopolistic control over the courts, especially the Supreme Court, and whenever a Republican wins the presidency, not just President Trump but any, they’re going to do everything they can to delegitimize that Republican. They want to cleanse the political system of people who reject or oppose the progressive agenda. Later, In 1992, Cory Booker wrote in the Stanford Daily that he groped a teenage girl when he was 15 years old and she resisted so the encounter ended. So, Booker has admitted to committing the same offense as Brett Kavanaugh, yet he faces no penalty, no expulsion, or impeachment. Booker should recuse himself since he is a confessed groper, himself. Despite the Judiciary Committees flexibility in accommodating Christine Ford she has still not agreed to testify in open or closed session unless there is an additional FBI investigation. They might as well subpoena her to testify since she now interfering with the US Senate’s Judiciary Committee’s Constitutional responsibility to offer advise and consent on nominees. Finally, Eric Bolling call is in to discuss the opioid crisis and his new CRTV show: AmERICa.

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