• I love seeing this, Bone Spurs needs to be removed from office.

  • Yuh

  • He wasn't trying to be a president for the entire country he did this for his own benefit

  • Thank You 🌏

  • 😴😴😴😴😴

  • Thank you.

  • ty all for your service, and you are right.

  • 😂 oh nowthis news, you guys will do whatever you can to get people to hate Trump.

  • Thank you

  • The biggest enemies are ourselves.That was a quote from the past right?

  • Why are you Americans not protesting at the White House and Congress for impeachment, human rights and gun safety ? The Chinese and Russians are protesting risking their lives. Wow

  • (When I posted this) Wow the only time when this video hasn’t receive a thumbs down yet and no one thinks this channel is bias.

  • We can put an end to this…nightmare. V O T E in November, 2020 and boot 45 out.

  • Thank you veterans for speaking. Respect.

  • This West Wing Wiseguy doesn't DO no Constitutional Law😲😕

  • Unfortunately, as long as we have the dumb, uneducated, white supremacists, and morons in this country, people like Trump, McConnell, Collins, Jordan, etc will continue to thrive. Look where each of them thrived in.

  • All these liberals probably support kneeling during the national anthem but complain the president isn't following the constitution

  • If the troops are supposed to protect us from foreign and domestic terror why hasn't one or some of our troops taken him out? He is the biggest threat to our country.

  • Not even the army likes Trump lol. Nice

  • Donald trump disliked this video.

  • You lefties are against the constitution supporting Antifa who is against the first amendment, and the Ddmocrats who are against the second ammendment. Such hypocrits.

  • I am a 53 year old man. In my ENTIRE LIFE I cannot remember a time when the USA was great friends and supporters of Russia. I may have not agreed with some of John McCain's policies but I would NEVER disrespect his service to this country. My uncle served in Vietnam and he came back completely destroyed in his mind but we supported him because he signed up to fight for this country. I will always support a person that is willing to lay there life on the line for MY and my family's freedom.

  • It appalls me that you Americans don't see this imbecile for the conman he is. It is perplexing to educated folks in other countries.

  • His oath was a joke. God bless you all for your service to our country! We need to remove DJT from office ASAP.

  • fake news

  • Hold Him accountable by voting 🗳 him out in 2020 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • He will be voted right back into office next year, so huh!

  • I served to protect the constitution of the United States. Trump is trying to tear the constitution of the United States apart…. DOUCHEBAG President TRAITOR …. DRAFT DODGER…. 🇵🇷🇺🇸

  • Please realize, us vets have always served in every civilization since the beginning of mankind. No biggy really.

  • Constitutional Republic, NOT a Democracy. It's the Demonrats that are the threat.

  • Spoken like true Americans… from all walks of life…thank you for your service…God bless you.

  • Proud Army veteran here and I am 100% AGAINST Trump….he is a complete disgrace to the office that he shows zero respect for and he's a complete embarrassment as C in C.

  • Good to see other Veterans who don't buy this idiots bs!Draft Dodger, Traitor, Racist/white National… all Putin dreamed and more😘

  • Looks like some veterans heard Ojeda's message. Good stuff.

  • I hate this man so much And I hate more that other vets seemTo think he’s a good person or commander too the military

  • Any Trump Supporters watching? Out of curiosity, what’s your take on this?

  • Now these are True American Heros, not trump the serial draft dodger.

  • Even your own military think the president's useless

  • Integrity, honor, respect for the rule of law and the Constitution, duty to country – simple decency and ethical behavior – seem impossible for this President to exhibit and/or represent. Every word spoken, every tweet, every policy enacted, his obsessive demands for perfect loyalty and unwillingness to listen to anything or anyone that contradicts his ultimate belief in his own infallibility – all of it perfectly reflects Mr. Trump's basic narcissistic concept of his superiority and of what will most likely benefit himself first, above all else.

  • No more trump no more orange man no more stupid president trump is a liar he sucks like wow pathetic

  • Bring on the racist Maga trump supporters , come attack veterans like your idols and defend him, then I dare you to go to your enlistment office and sign up like we did.

  • Trump voters – political agenda first, loyalty to country second

  • No one is period!!!!!

  • As a cranky ole Vet,
    Trump is making me fret!
    I swore an Oath,
    and the Orange oaf,
    is shredding the objects of it.

  • Yes, Wake Up

  • ❤️ to all veterans

  • I'll remind you. There have been no commercial airline crashes since The Leader assumed office. The inauguration of The Leader was the largest gathering of people in a single group in recorded history. On a championship course in Florida, The Leader achieved a score of 27 in eighteen holes with an astonishing eleven holes in one. CNN never mentioned it. Theologians have traced the ancestry of The Leader nearly two millennia directly to Our Lord Jesus Christ. There are nine references to The Leader in scripture. The Leader is the recipient of not one but two Congressional Medals of Honor. The first for his three tours of duty in Vietnam and the second for his service in Kuwait. The Leader has the ability to communicate with dolphins, whales perhaps all mammals. Making jokes about The Leader's personal appearance, creating false effigies or graven images of his likeness, taking his name in vain are serious felonies.

  • Draft Dodger cadetbonespurs who dodged the Vietnam draft with the help of his daddy and crooked doctor isn't going to like this. The putin-trump team is slowly and methodically, through paid Russian and Orange trolls, ( on AOL Twitter Facebook YouTube blogs etc) spreading fake propaganda, conspiracy theories and outright lies while continuing to lead the brainwashed Orangesheep towards ultimately having the dictatorship in the US that Putin so enjoys over in Russia. The OrangeBase needs to wake up before it's too late. Copy, paste and Help spread the word!

  • Proud Military Veteran against this president.

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