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  • It’s nearly ten years ago at this point.

    Jesus fucking Christ, move on.

  • Buttery Males, starring Ben Ghazi and Really McWhogivesafuck.

  • We know that neither her mail server nor email account was hacked. They probably knew that already then. Try to keep up.

  • This isn’t even funny anymore. It’s just sad.

  • BUT HER EMAILS!!!!1One

  • They are worried about the remote possibility that China could have hacked Hillaries server even though they had no evidence it was hacked because China could have gotten classified information. But Trump openly inviting the Russians into the Oval Office with Russian only media allowed while telling them actual classified information is whatev.

  • [Downvote garbage sources](https://imgur.com/a/LLtDFh3)





  • rent. free.

  • God damn liars. The FBI is so “indifferent” that its director called a presser 10 days before the election to hand the election to Trump.

  • Why aren’t you talking about how Trump’s children and staff all use private email for government work?

  • Fox News with the latest breaking news from 10 years ago.

  • Trump might be causing a recession? Quick, play the old hits!

  • more *Buttery Males*

  • So much damage control in these comments! She doesn’t need people to defend her bad decisions anymore.

  • This is a testament to how pathetic Fox News’ viewer base is.

  • New York grandma still won’t leave the minds of conservatives. More at 11.

  • I guess Republicans have abandoned their long standing support for law and order. Perhaps that’s a necessity when your leader is a criminal.

  • Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

  • Suggest?

  • She’s never going to date you, Fox News. Get over it.

  • If any regular American got rid of evidence like Hillary they’d be in jail for decades. Nonetheless there’s currently more important issues

  • Even if China had hacked her server, what difference has it made? None.

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