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  • I don’t know if he’d have a chance, but if he did run and the DNC put some serious money into Texas maybe we could turn it blue. If he wins, whoever the presidential nominee is also going to win. Once we go blue, it’s likely we stay blue.

  • He has a better chance at winning senator than president.

  • What Texas needs is some electoral reform. How about supporting that Houston Chronicle.. ? ohh crickets.

  • Agreed. Hi home and rep TX, they need it.

  • He was suppose to play the role of being left of Biden but right of Bernie and Buttigieg, something that didn’t entirely scare of the moderates.

    Needless to say he veered off path the strategist created for a pretty decent primary run allowing him to be next in line if Biden got booted by scandal/health. (Of course it should be noted that Biden went off script and path too).

    Either way neither he nor Biden are plausible options for many left leaning moderates, sure they will tell pick Biden if pollsters limit them to the primaries or they just don’t feel comfortable being honest over PC reasons (repeat of 2016).

    I can affirm MJ just ain’t pulling the support and donors needed to finance the uphill battle campaign to unseat Cornyn.

  • How embarrassing

  • Beto has the best chance of flipping Texas, and bringing all the dem senate votes with him. It would be stupid of him to drop out. Most Texans like myself want him in the White House, either as prez or VP.

  • Well he’s not, so that was a waste of an article…

  • Ah, time for everyone to demand for him to drop out despite having 5 months left until the Iowa caucus.

  • He’s definitely more valuable holding some office, somewhere, and so this makes sense bc he’s not close to having a chance at the Presidency.

  • Can we not do this? At least until after Iowa? It’s bullshit, let people run until we know they’re not viable candidates. It hurts nothing and helps lesser known candidates raise their profiles.

  • Republicans are scared shitless that Democrats might suddenly understand what electability is, and jump behind Beto, so they’re trying to trick him into dropping down to the Senate race. They fear that Dems will figure out that the first, most crucial, step to realizing all the lofty plans that Warren, et al., puts out, and getting Universal Medicare for All, and restoring American prestige on the world stage, and all the other things is to go with the young, charismatic progressive who can deliver Texas and WIN.

    To me it’s a no-brainer.

  • This should be the new strategy for the dems going forward:

    1) run for president

    2) gain national donors

    3 drop out and run in congressional races with all of the money/ notoriety you’ve recieved.

    4) win

    Don’t let ego get in the way. Hickenlooper, Beto, and whoever else needs to hear this: YOU HAD A CHANCE BUT IT’S OVER. pack it up and go raise hell in your states.

  • Texas needs him. He has a better shot at senator right now and flipping Texas blue would be a bigger win.

    Assuming his ego doesn’t get in the way, this could very easily happen.

  • Run for SENATE!

  • He should because he could beat Cornyn. He built a lot of blue infrastructure in Texas and it seems a shame to walk away from it. He’s not going to be President. But, the Junior Senator of the largest Southern state ain’t a bad gig either.

  • Now this is the kind of Beto story I like to see! He doesn’t have the political pedigree to go all the way, he could lose to Trump. Warren/Harris is my dream ticket right now.

  • His chances of beating Cornyn are about a thousand times better than his chances of getting the Democratic presidential nomination. And that’s not because his chances of beating Cornyn are so high.

  • If he does, he’ll gain back some of the respect I’ve lost for him over the last few months.

  • If this is a “we get rid of Trump or watch a country die” question , then I say we all join hands and elect all and any that oppose T

  • Imagine being at 2% and thinking you have a chance in hell.

    Adorable or clueless? Lol

  • I’d like to see Beto own a Senate seat (and preferably flip his state) for a while before running for President.

    Being who he is and seeing what he stands for, he could accomplish a lot. At that point, he should have little problem convincing the majority that he’s a stellar choice to lead the nation.

  • Eeh, it’s gonna be Biden after a long hold-out by Sanders and maybe Warren. Not that it matters – it’s not like this stuff is decided by the unwashed masses just *voting* on it.

  • Beto is a classic Tony Robbins/ Barack Obama style candidate: tell folks what you think they want to here and pretend you know what you are doing without actually bothering to do the work needed to develop the necessary skills to actually do the Job.

  • He bolstered his war chest, secure all campaign financing for a decade, and increased national name recognition… Ya gotta know when to hold em and when to fold him. Hes doing the right thing.

    Now go back to Tehhhhas and beat Ted Cruzzz azz.

  • Beto – this country needs your strength in the senate. PLEASE give your strength to this country before racist trump is raping our country

  • Houston Chronicle sucks. Bernie/Beto for 2020!!! Love Bernie and bet on Beto to turn Texas blue!!!

  • Please Beto. I’ll respect you again if you run for Senate.

  • I think the democrats pushing for him to drop out are very over confident.

    * Trump is fully connected to his base VIA twitter and fox news. He has 40% support, since the day he entered office which is his base and won the election with 46% of the vote. All he has to do is win is convince 1/3rd of the independents to come and vote for him. That is his path to re-election.
    * Beto is the only candidate that is polling in texas against Trump above a margin of error. You know trump won the general election, because the talking heads (media) interpreted polls in the margin of error as going for Clinton. Nate Silver of 538 was the only one who wrote that Trump had a chance of flipping places like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan. He was also the only major data-journalist that gave Trump significant probability of winning and low bar op-ed columnist who have know backgrounds in statistics attacked him for it. Election night what happened? My read is Texas only goes blue if Beto is the nominee. I would bet money Trump will win against every other viable democrat. I am not a pollster, but I do have more statistics training than people walking around with masters degrees in stats or data science.
    * I don’t want to down play that COULD elect a minority or a women as president. That doesn’t change the fact that democrats lost the 2016 race to a white nationalist, running on white nationalism and xenophobia When I look at the tier A candidates (people with significant numbers of campaign staff that worked on successful elections), I can’t help but notice Beto is the only young, moderate, white, male with a family. To me that says he is more viable as a general election candidate then the people polling ahead of him.

    * I am a minority. I grew up in the south. If I read 2008 to mean that you have to be Obama to win as a non-straight white protestant might, then the bar is much higher than most of the candidates are reaching. Barack Obama rewrote how presidential campaigns were done, by rejecting party financing and taking individual donations. He also recognized the value of social media and built an analytic infrastructure that democrats benefit to this day. Those two facts alone make him the most brilliant politician in the last 40 years. He also was aided to white-house by a collapsing economy blamed on an unpopular republican president that misled the country into an unpopular war that the press at the time would cost trillions and did cost trillions.
    * Key Obama campaign people joined Beto’s campaign. To me that speaks volumes. People whose business is to run presidential races and were approached by every campaign are on this guy. So again why are people telling him to drop out? To me its because they seem to either want Trump elected or are extremely there horse can win.
    * I am not so impressed with the other horses and this horse seems to have a lot of positives that seem to have historical merit. I would bet money that Beto has a higher chance of winning general election voters in Florida, Arizona, Texas than say Elizabeth Warren. So why are people telling him to drop out?

  • He’s polling at 1-2%, so he’s already out. He couldn’t even beat Ted Cruz, the Zodiac killer, so Trump is out of the question. He’s better placed running for Senate again in Texas.

  • I am sure this is a good idea. He is young and could run again in the future he should start cutting deals to get a job in the cabinet of the eventual winner and focus on voter turn out in Texas. If Trump keeps up this total shit show all the way to election day he could use his huge platform to drive a record voter turn out in Texas. That would devastate the GOP in this election and will also effect future elections. It would also set him up very good for a future run at the president.

  • It’s very clear democrats suffer from vanity. 5 people should be on that stage.

  • He’s in a race?…

  • If the GOP had their version of a Beto, who could potentially put California in play for them in the GE, they would not bully that candidate into running for senate. He or she would be at the top of the ticket, cheating or stealing be damned. And psa, the GOP actually win elections that matter

  • He’s not right for the presidency. Maybe in the future. He should instead focus, deal and put his entire energy by dealing with immigration, gun control, the GOP’s manipulation on gerrymandering & that shameless, brown-nosing, Ted “Rafael” Cruz in his home state.

  • I honestly believe Beto is running for Senate by running for President

  • He’s got a better chance challenging Cornyn than making it past Iowa caucus.

  • Ay dios mio señor Robert Francis! Ai caramba! -plays world’s smallest accordion-

  • Imagine running for office but your base loves you so much they want you to fail.

    Beto’s fans are like a girlfriend who sabotages a job interview because they’re jealous of the time he’d be spending without them.

  • The more he does the less I like him

  • i dont understand why this guy ran for president, i mean he couldnt win a senate seat against a guy nicknamed “lyin’ Ted”, why does he think he can beat a biggest liar of all time in politics?

  • those tables ain’t gonna stand on themselves!

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