• de blasio shouldve told hannity to shut the fuck up and answer the question, but the fuckwit has no good answer so he just tries to pull a shapiro

  • 30 million dollars?! For what?! God some people just make you want to punch them into the 4th dimension.So today I learned that being an idiot on TV is 267 times harder than being a cargo train driver; in Norway, with our shitty railways, and loads of nightwork by the way!

  • to all those hardcore republicans….right wingers..telling tht migrants and minorities is the cause of ur debt….look this…ur own idols are making millions and using ur inferiority complex to blame the other…..they dont want pay their fair share….poor millionaires…lolz….meanwhile appu driving uber making minimum wage is ur enemy lolz

  • Cue the world's tiniest violin.

  • I can't believe someone would make me side with Bill De Blasio in an argument

  • in Brazil poor people pay individually a mayor percentage that rich people. Trump is following the third world recipe for failure.

  • The last time income tax rates were raised in a significant way was 1932. That year, Congress raised the top marginal rate from 25% to 63% . Fours years later, it was raised again to 79%. Just how bad did it get for the country’s millionaires, once the government started to take huge amounts of money away from them? Answer: they got along just fine .

    When we look at what actually happened to rich people at the time, it becomes clear that dramatically increasing the tax obligations of these people did not actually inflict any kind of real suffering on them at all.
    None of the mansions, or the yachts, or the beachfront property disappeared. Throughout the Great Depression, rich people still owned all of the economy’s luxuries and they continued to enjoy them fully.
    They may have had fewer disposable dollars to throw around than they used to, but that just meant that they were able to get all the luxuries that the economy produced at lower prices .
    You see, in spite of the much larger tax bills they were paying, rich people still had the highest disposable incomes in the land and in a market economy, that’s all the money you need to claim the scarcest luxury goods & services that the economy brings to market…Is The Income Tax Fair To Rich People? http://nontrivialpursuits.org/Tax_Policy.htm

  • A man, Sean Hannity, who is earning over $10.000.- an hour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, is complaining on people getting minimumvage at $15.- ????????????????TAX THAT LEECH TO KINGDOM COME.

  • Okay Kyle. Rich leave, then what ?……Who pays then sir ? …….you will have an Argentina situation in the United States by early 2022. ⁉️

  • He's getting paid very well to spout those views

  • Rich turds bitching about taxes…but,but you have to understand they fed all those ungrateful ordinary folks who got never enough.damnI'm waiting some trumpist or "classical liberal" explain to all "marxist" how economy really works.


  • "36. Million. Dollars. Per. Year. Bitch." LOL! I watched that part like 5 times back to back.

  • This ass hat shill Hannity pretends like the rich and wealthy "make all the wealth themselves." No, you make it off the backs of your workers!

  • Big government and taxation is wrong! Except for when our taxes go to the big government to throw immigrants out of the country, in that case I'm perfectly fine with either. Republicans are hypocrites.

  • It's telling how the people that earn MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more than the minimum wage, is against the minimum wage.

  • No body likes taxes but the simple fact is that Taxation is the price to civilization. If you don't don't want to chip in then go live in the wild somewhere. That goes for corporations too

  • "You make a good income here". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, got em.

  • The rich are pure evil and for the good of humanity we must tear the money out of their greedy hands

  • the biggest idiot on tv well anywhere for that matter. what a self serving D.A.

  • He should have said to Hannity: " Do you really deserve your millions? You are not even well prepared for this interview! Do you think that you work harder than a coleminer or a waiter? You go to work, get your make up and talk shit the hole day in your lazy chair." F You B.

  • lol alex jones makes more sense than that nanny

  • tax him 80%

  • These media propagandists should be in jail. My jaw hit the ground when Kyle said Hannity earned $15m per year. I was guessing maybe $1.2m. Satan pays well for your soul.

  • fox is a joke a sad joke but so is every cable news outlet

  • why would anyone with half a brain watch that idiot

  • "Wait, Wait I didn't finish making my other 354 points yet." Sean Hannity is the king of Gish galoping.

  • I can’t tell if I should give de Blasio credit or if this is just further confirmation that a conversation with Hannity is that of “very easy” mode

  • God damn, I hate that idiot Hean Sannity.

  • Would sean Hannity work for $15 an hour? He won't but people are working for $15 and even less helping millionaires and billionaires get even richer.

  • Hannity is another Alt-Right poor me victim. I'm so done with these insecure crybabies. Lead by Trump's guidance they are poisoning discourse.

  • I just find it strange when people who struggled and worked 'since 12' are so hell-bent on forgetting where they came from. Motherfucker has made it, but bitches indeed

  • No more "yaaaaaaas", Kyle.

  • The top 10% of an income earners, earn 50% of the pie in the USA.The bottom 90% only earn half of the pie.Three individuals earn more a year, than the bottom 50% combined.If you earn more of the pie, you owe more of the tax-pie

  • Wombat shit head Hannity can drown in his fucking money.

  • So, if Sean works ~250 hours a YEAR and takes home $15,000,000…. that's about $60,000 an hour LOLMakes more than most people do in a year every day and still feels 'whoa me'.

  • yea im sure hannity has trouble paying the billsand all time low employmentBECAUSE PEOPLE NEED 4 FUCKING JOBS TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING

  • Hannity is a classic example of a person who loves welfare for the rich but not for anybody else. I said 30 million.

  • I love the way de Blasio just plows through Hannity's intellectually dishonest fear-mongering with a smile while delivering truth bombs in such a casual but direct manner

  • I HATE when liberals don’t correct Sean’s stupid point about “taking 70 cents on the dollar.” Sean LIES deliberately about that. He pretends he doesn’t know how a “Progressive income tax” works. If you have a “70 percent tax rate on people making 2 million dollars or more a year”: That means you get taxed ONLY 70 cents on every dollar OVER 2 million. No one EVER gets taxed at a 70% rate of their total money. Sean’s pretends he has no idea how taxes work and the Liberals NEVER correct him on it.

  • Hannity thinks the 1% should pay 1% of the tax burden while the 99% pays everthing else

  • I don’t know where Hannity gets that working people pay 1% last time I checked my paycheck between federal state local health insurance social SecurityThey take out 37%

  • And all he's worth is 200 million. That is just plain irresponsibility.

  • Thankfully Bill's polling numbers are garbage so Hannity shouldn't be too worked up over this

  • trumps makin us rich MAGA

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